Contacting Thytronic for application consulting services means guaranteeing maximum specific competence, rapid response, safety and effectiveness of intervention. It means relying on a leading company in the protection and control technologies of electrical power systems, enhancing the investment of products and improving the profitability of the investment.

Pre sales

  • Purchase guide for the most suitable protection relay model to perform the functions specified by the customer.
  • Release of information on the technical characteristics of the protection relays.
  • Analysis of technical specifications / tender specifications for the purpose of economic offer of protection relay.

Post sales

  • Phone assistance for programming the protection relays.
  • Analysis of the connection diagrams of the protection relays.
  • Analysis and monitoring of protection interventions.
  • Assistance for commissioning.
  • Release of information on the technical characteristics of the protection relays.

Thytronic Academy

In order to support the users of Thytronic protection relays, the Thytronic Academy was created at the Milan office, a teaching room equipped with audiovisual aids and instrumentation for verifying the operation of the protection relays. The courses deal with topics relating to the use and programming of relays and illustrate the standards and regulations of national and international importance. The Thytronic Academy is a concrete initiative that is aimed at installers, technicians and designers with the aim of training professional figures of an adequate level for the importance of the application context, the safety and continuity of the electricity supply service.

Thytronic academy provides:

  • Remote Education facility WLT (Web Learning Training by Cisco WEBEX Platform).
  • IN HOUSE Training facility (Milan Thytronic Headquarters).
  • ON SITE Training facility (Customer Premises).

We can also organize custom training courses:

  • Application concepts of protection relays.
  • Thytronic Protection Relays Management:
    • Parametrization
    • Commissioning
    • Testing
  • Hands-on with all product series