System integration & Commissioning

THYTRONIC is an engineering automation service provider, with a deep expertise and knowledge of electric power process within a range of different customer like OEMs, EPC’s and End-users (transmission and distribution operators).

Thanks to our skilled engineering department, System Integration means implement a new, retrofit and migration system into client solution and troubleshoot any integration issues that may occur.

From the client requirement and specification, to basic and detail design, manufacturing and testing the system up to perform commissioning on site, our engineers team grant best-in class operations to protect and control power grids

Our services include:

  • Component specifications
  • Mechanical drawings
  • Schematic drawings
  • Bay Control and Protection panel engineering
  • Bay Control and Protection manufacturing
  • Fully-documented logic programs
  • In plant installation and start-up
  • IED’s commissioning
  • In-plant training for operators and maintenance personnel
  • Continuing support H24/7

IEC61850 Engineering

The ongoing digitization and upcoming challenges in the energy sector required the definition of a new, internationally standardized communication design - IEC61850 - moving away from old serial port protocols to abstract, protocol-independent data models.

In addition to Thytronic extensive experience in the field of electrical engineering, we offer expertise in communication, TCP/IP, XML languages needed to face the new challenges introduced in IEC61850 standard.

Thanks also to the in-house IEC61850 certified product (Protection relays, RTU, BCU, Gateway) and a comprehensive suites of tools for configuration, integration and testing we support the customer for a flexible and user-friendly solutions for a smooth transition to IEC61850 substation automation projects avoiding interoperability and network inefficiencies.

Power System technical studies

An adequate application of protective relays and parameter settings not only are crucial for network availability and safety but increase the return of investment of the whole power system protection asset.

As developer and manufacturer of protection relays, Thytronic owns a dedicated team of protection application engineers performing services for protection relays selection, setting, configuration and commissioning.

Our services include:

Protection scheme design

Take fully advantage in Thytronic multifunctional IED’s to design the best relays selection and protective scheme, delivering schematics and diagrams by Thytronic protection application

Protection relay setting

Starting from short circuit studies to coordination calculation Thytronic provides the best IED’s configuration in order to isolate the faulted portion of the network, to prevent equipment damage, injury to operators enabling power grid continuity of service.

Field protection relays testing and commissioning

Typical task performed from our commissioning engineers are the relay correct operation from secondary and primary injection, CT/VT polarity checks, wiring checks, logic scheme tests and verification of interlocking elements in substation